“Cyrano” Publicity Photos for Upcoming World Premiere

Some early publicity photos for our upcoming signed/spoken production of Cyrano, a world premiere co-production between The Fountain Theatre and Deaf West Theatre. Cyrano opens April 28 at the Fountain, starring Troy Kotsur and directed by Simon Levy.

In Stephen Sachs‘ funny, romantic and imaginative new adaptation, Cyrano is a brilliant deaf poet hopelessly in love with Roxy, a beautiful hearing woman. But she doesn’t understand sign language and instead loves Chris, his hearing brother. Can Cyrano express his love to Roxy with his hands? Or must he teach Chris to woo her, to “speak his words” for him? ASL becomes the language of love in this new spin on a classic love story.

Troy Kotsur is the brilliant deaf poet Cyrano.

Cyrano's hearing brother, Chris (Paul Raci), and Cyrano (Troy Kotsur) devise their secret plan to woo Roxy.

Roxy (Erinn Anova) listens on her cell phone as Chris (Paul Raci) speaks what Cyrano (Troy Kotsur) signs to him.

Cyrano (Troy Kotsur) and Roxy (Erinn Anova) share a private moment alone.

Troy Kotsur is the ASL poet Cyrano.

Photos by Ed Krieger

Cyrano  April 20 – June 10  (323) 663-1525    More Info    Buy Tickets


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